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A tongue of reason


It’s a mentality never in harmony but striving need to be whole.

A bullet of words penetrates through my skull,

Shattered are all living cells and veins.

My lips ears in disorder, words can’t explain any further

As lies, misinform a living soul.

I drag into disparity, as shame filled with disappointment lingers.

You deceive me and my ears a base of your chameleon tongue.

Your words draw near in silence, the assassin of my trust is swift and vital.

It’s not long ago your words were sweet fruits to my table.

I traded my weakness for your words.

I took myself into this, refuge of comfort.

All that dwells in mind, now a memory of good tales.

 Sweet words turn into venom.

My ear rotten as your poisonous tongue leaks it dead.

Reason is what I fail to discover in your remarkable expressions

Your presence is now a complete defense to reality.

A commencing slide to excuses.





Heard it they
lost fortunes and battles
many settled upon the sea where they thought life lingered the very deep roots

We stand a ground of fortune and fame not knowing what it bares
Our forbidden desires we feed with out remorse of gods given commands.
We seek disparity yet our eyes view rolling flames of death.
We try to understand a subject without mastered topics,which many mumble upon in time given the floor.
Wicked is the way many now cherish it, hidden under smooth toned skins,flashing lights and red top roofs.
Hold such a subject recklessly and it will prove worth to be called the greatest destruction to mankind.
As we toil to believe in it and as we fail our minds never cease the opportunity to please it.
Make such a topic boil in fancy colors and luxuries wasted years it will seem worth the wait to the grave in site.
To a man like me what more can i give than endless apologies,yearning for another chance to make mistakes and accept protection and guidance like a poor man dying to believe in riches not poverty
Neither can an empty hand provide nor can speakable hearts forgive.
Alas to many who have failed for we will find a similar fate.
Lonely and cold my plea has found empty hands to dwell upon.
I have heard their funeral songs and they sang my life,although unheard of is your name.
As we try to escape a fate no man desires.
We feared a path like this before only the road was unclear and proved worth a drive.
I enjoy a long journey with an escort,hope you find this as an open letter.

To your heart i broke and as sins in my diary.