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Something’s perfect but never realized

It takes ages to mend what you able to shatter in a minute

Silently she woke up on a cloudy and reasonably sunny day

She calls it tot production weather

It truly brings a foaming bubbled beam to her beautiful face.

The day seems remarkable but not today.

She exorcises my selfish state of mentality

Shatters the confidence I bare, to speak to her.

She suddenly desires to be silent about the events leading

To this sad and tormenting state of mind

She is not smiling neither is breakfast to be cherished

I did it, i drove and crashed the train into walls

She was there in front silent as I brutally became self-seeking.

It’s my entire fault I ruined in a minute what ages take to build

In just a minute I felt divorced in the middle of a rainy season.

Though I crashed you yesterday you still my best friend.



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