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Spin as usual gifts!

Courtship is for the royals

Beauty is their eyes

The death that we see inside,

Memories we deem presents.

Gifts we seek to find

Tears we shed with no reason to surprise

Exams we set as reasons to uphold intelligence

Spin as usual!

Without hate or disapproval.

Am lost like a child I need your hand

Lonely and buried in a season of torment

I yearn for the pleasures of heart,

Seek forth a day to be lost in translation

Clean in mind and body but not in soul

Fools clear thay path

For days treasured seem to have been spent without her

close to my chest.

Breaking into halves is the cloth we made with fabrics of embrace

Scared is thay melody, my chest broken into two

“Lament my dear ears, for discord is in the atmosphere”.

Chaos amongst my two,

As they disagree in sight.

Here is the time of confusion

The point of turn is now at hand

What more can I desire?


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